WEB09:55Anssi Kiviniemi
Did the production issues in Europe impact gross margin? How much? How is the raw material situation - our charts say that is remains to be relatively good.
WEB09:56Anssi Kiviniemi
We have seen weaker momentum in US housing starts and the housing market. Should we be worries and how is the commercial market currently? Outlook on that side is still for growth?
WEB10:00Svante Krokfors, Nordea
Can you elaborate on the production problems in Virsbo - magnitude negative impact, why solving is prolonged, how long do you expect solving to take?
WEB10:02Svante Krokfors, Nordea
How have the freight industry problems in North America been solved? Lower overall economic activity or increased supply of transport?
WEB10:04Svante Krokfors, Nordea
What were the customer purchasing patterns in Q2 in North America and Europe and what to expect for Q3?
WEB10:06Mika Karppinen, Handelsbanken
Have you seen any changes in distributors willingness to have inventories?\n
WEB10:08Ari Järvinen @ Danske Bank
What is your view on plastic material prices in Europe and the US? Were the prices up seasonally in H1? What is H2 outlook?
WEB22:00Streamfabriken Stream Operator
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